Free POS Software

Free Android POS Software and Free Window Desktop POS Software

Android POS Software:

EzOrderApp is a FREE POS software for you to start selling your products now. All you need is just a printer and a cash drawer, a home-use printer is OK.

We have not uploaded to Google Play yet. You have to install Android App manually.
1. Download EzOrderApp
2. Download APK Installer from Google Play to install EzOrderApp
3. Also, we can help to setup your menu online like this or you can use Windows Desktop POS to build your own menu.

Window Desktop POS Software

SelfOrder POS System can be installed as a stand alone POS, also, it can be set up as a server to connect to mobile app and online web store like this
Download SelfOrder POS Software For Microsoft Windows

Please pay attentions on following points during the installation.
1. Make sure computer has .Net framework 3.5 or above version installed.
2. You may need to turn off user account control in case of installation error

3. Also, you can to install in "C:\EzOrder" if you had other install error and not able to figure out.

Build Your Own Menu

Turn on menu mode first in Setting screen, and then, click '+' to add new item, see below.

Enter Following IP to connect with Mobile App

That is all, have fun.